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Day 1

Good journey down in sunshine.

Arrived around 1 for the rain to begin.

Lunch and welcome then on to sorting rooms and settling in.

2pm and off to first activity – Mr I group woodland scramble which was best activity in the rain wetsuits at the ready.

Rest were all on activities around the climbing wall and zip wire.

All gave it a good go and were smiling.

4pm back to rooms to change into dry clothes ready for tea at 5pm.

6pm and scavenger hunt around grounds – rain had stopped thankfully.

Postcards written so keep an eye out as they will be sent to school for collection.

Teeth cleaned and pyjamas on ready for hot chocolate and bed time story.

Into bed and rooms for 9 only to have to get out to do fire drill.

All accounted for in bed lights out and sleeping by 9:30.

Down to beach tomorrow morning after breakfast for a bit of body boarding – doesn’t matter if it rains in the sea 😊

Update you all tomorrow.

Miss Cockwell

Day 2

All woke a little bleary eyed after a fire alarm tripped at 1am.  All added to the excitement and soon tucked back into bed.

Straight down to beach and body boarding – surf was great and brilliant fun was had by all.

So far most favourite activity.

We were ready for our lunch of sandwiches and salad after a shower and change into dry clothes.

Afternoon activities of archery, mud assault, zip line, abseiling and woodland scramble. 

Rain held off thankfully and then a marvellous curry evening for those who had that , all others were well fed too.

Evening activity was a red nose and polo treasure hunt to avoid the rain before BFG storytime, hot chocolate and bed.  All in bed lights out at 9 and all through the camp not a child was stirring depite the extreme damp.

It rained heavily overnight but all were refreshed Wednesday morning ready for coastal hike.

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