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Here is a poem written by Jamie in Year 6.

Parks are so inviting 

Now the sun is shining 

Perfect under different circumstances 

As always, impeccable timing 

Colours of the rainbow 

Brightening our streets 

Enjoy our daily walks 

But be quick to retreat

For what is asked of us 

Is falling on death ears 

Children out playing 

No guidance from peers

If you need to nip out 

Just make it quick 

For essentials of course 

Not tomorrow’s picnic 

Searching Facebook 

For homeschooling tips

First lesson P.E

Join Mr Joe Wicks 

Be mindful of your children 

Don’t expect too much 

Be there emotionally 

I know it’s proving tough 

Pop on their favourite film

Hold them that little longer 

For being at home 

Will make your family stronger

Above all else 

Remember this will pass

We are stronger than you think 

Unbreakable not glass

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