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Family SEAL

SEAL stands for Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning.  In a nutshell this really means that if a child arrives at school happy and calm, they will be in a better frame of mind to learn.  If they are distressed for any reason they will have too much on their mind and not be able to focus in the classroom.


Rainbow Groups and GoZone

There are several different groups running each week with children from all age groups.  Sometimes the children have difficulty managing in large classes for many different reasons.  They may be a little shy and lack confidence or they may be lively and a bit loud.  The aims of the groups are to teach the children skills they need to succeed and achieve in school and to provide a positive environment where children feel valued and respected.  It is a calm and safe place where children can have fun, make friends and try new things.

Rainbow Bumblebees

This group takes place once a week in KS1 for children who need that extra bit of TLC.  There may have been a family bereavement, moving home, loss of a pet - all those things that can be unsettling.  Teachers choose different children each week and they spend a morning in a small group having some time out of a busy classroom.

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