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E Safety

If you are concerned about e-safety please contact Miss R Cockwell on 01793 870471.

If you would like to know more about e safety, look at the websites listed below:





DB Primary is a safe, intuitive and easy to navigate primary learning platform designed to engage and educate the next generation of learners.

Full eSafety features

Reports for all platform activity, a safe email system, an anti-bullying device and profanity reporting make the DB Primary learning platform a safe online environment.

Organised learning

All users have their own blog, calendar email and e-portfolio allowing pupils to take control of their virtual learning.

Integrated tools

The built-in paint, drawing, video and text tools allow pupils to contribute using their preferred method of communication across the learning platform.

Communication tools

Pupils can contribute to forums, send emails, share favourite pieces of work, take surveys and comment on resources.

Themes for each key stage

Specific themes for each key stage allow the platform to adapt to pupils’ changing abilities as they progress through school.

Complete homework online

Online group communities allow teachers to easily set tasks which pupils can complete using the integrated tool set whilst boosting their ICT skills.

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