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In Church of England schools, opportunities should be provided for children to offer worship to God, through Jesus Christ. We can never make anyone worship because it is an attitude of the heart focused on God; in a school situation we should seek to lead people to the threshold of worship by providing a setting where they may worship God if they so wish.

A very clear form and shape is commended by the Church for simple acts of worship: Greeting, Liturgy, Enagaging, Reflection, Response/Prayer and Send Out.

  1. Greeting  (a greeting, confession, praise and a collect or prayer for the day)                                      
  2. Liturgy of the Word (hearing and exploring the words of the Bible).
    • Psalm or Song of Praise.
  3. Whole school weekly theme.  The main teaching point for the act of collective worship:
    • Short Bible story-read, enacted, read together etc linked to theme / value.
  4. Song.
  5. Reflection (linked to theme) and Prayers.
  6. Conclusion.
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