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Values and Ethos


John 10:10 I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.



Oliver Tomkins Voluntary Aided C of E Schools are schools with a Christian foundation, which seeks to express their Christian character by serving families in the local community and by providing a Christian ethos where children and their families can feel valued and affirmed. There is an opportunity to experience the meaning of the Christian faith in the welcome that is offered to all and in the relationships of love and care that characterise the shared life of the school.

Oliver Tomkins School is a place where children can develop as an individual, spiritually and morally and where they are provided with a secure and firm foundation for the choices they will make and the life experiences they will develop as they grow. The school embodies the truth that children learn and grow best in a context of firm principles and values and the staff seek to offer an education and curriculum of the highest quality that takes account of the development, skills and experiences that enrich and develop the whole child.


The school’s direction stems from its Mission Statement: ‘Oliver Tomkins Schools seek to fulfil the aim of providing educational excellence within a Christian context.  It recognises the importance of the community it serves, and seeks to build relationships based on trust and respect.

It will strive to be a place where Christian priorities and values inform every subject in the curriculum and are reflected in the day to day life of the school.


We believe that the children are the centre of all our work here and we strive to ensure our school is one with a happy and caring environment.  We take pride in promoting the highest standards of conduct and achievement allowing children the security and confidence to reach their full potential. 

As a Voluntary Aided Anglican foundation school, our aim is to provide this secure environment, firmly rooted in Christian values.  We believe that the education of children is a partnership, one between parents, teachers and governors all working together to provide the best interests for the children in our care.


As a school we have agreed that underpinning our vision are a clear set of values which are always at the forefront of our thinking, learning and understanding.

They are ……………..


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