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School Uniform

There is a school uniform which, although not compulsory, is worn by the vast majority of children.
Please ensure that all clothing is clearly NAMED!

Grey Trousers,

White shirt or polo shirt

Red sweater or sweatshirt

Grey Skirts or pinafore dresses,

White blouse or polo shirt

Red Sweater or sweatshirt


Sandals can be worn in the summer, however no open toes or flip flops.

We require all children to wear black shoes, no trainers, no heels.


It is essential children bring sunhats or caps to wear at playtimes in hotter weather to protect their heads.

Where can you buy school uniform?

1. From the Junior School Office

2. Online with school logo at  https://myclothing.com/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIg8HOrsTt6wIVS-3tCh2aFQCXEAAYASAAEgIJBvD_BwE

3. Without the school logo at ASDA and other supermarkets

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