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Guidance for school during Covid

Now more than ever I need everyone to follow rules and guidanceto ensure we are rigidly following hands face space ventilate- we need to constantly wash hands  wearing a mask at all times when dropping off and picking up at school and visiting school.  We also MUST keep our time picking up to a minimum at the front of school, one adult per family no additional people collecting and adults MUST keep 2m social distancing at the front of school especially in the school entrance area by the entrance to the park.

Please read the newsletters carefully and remember I can be contacted on support@olivertomkinsschools.co.uk   to update, ask questions or for information. 

Miss Cockwell 



Face coverings for parents and carers

We kindly ask that all parents and carers (with the exception of those who are medically exempt) wear a face covering when they pick up their child from school. This will help prevent the spread of viruses.

Drop offs and pick ups on the playground

We have sectioned out the front of school for drop offs and pick ups to help everyone spread out and avoid crowding at the gate. We’ll have markers showing where you should stand to keep a safe distance from other parents.  Please can you stay in the areas and if you have more than one child not move from area to area or congregate in area by entrance to park.

Quick ‘collect and go’

To avoid overcrowding, we’re asking parents and carers to avoid spending excess time on the school site when collecting your child at the end of the day.

Supervised holding area for siblings

We will continue to operate a supervised holding area for siblings to make it easier for you to collect your children at the same time. Children will be able to wait there for their allocated time to be picked up at the end of the day. This is at the front of school with Miss Cockwell and Mrs Smith – can I ask that parents are prompt at collection times and not be too early to avoid children and staff waiting around.

If you wish to speak to a member of staff

Please make an appointment with the staff member beforehand, as there won’t be an opportunity to speak to staff during drop offs and pick ups. This is to prevent crowding at the front of school and make sure that all children can get to class on time.

Appointments can be made by emailing support@olivertomkinsschools.co.uk or ringing 01793870471

Risk assessment - this should be read along with weekly updates in newsletters

Risk Assessment

Covid catch up funding

Allocation of Covid catch up funding.

£2,310 in the Infants school and £4,620 in the Junior school.

Following EEF guidance we have used the funding to order laptops as pupils’ access to technology has been an important factor affecting the extent to which they can learn effectively at home. Lack of access to technology has been a barrier for many disadvantaged children. EEF states To support learning, how technology is used matters most. 

We have also provided after school ½ hr x3 a week for school staff to provide small group tuition to those that need it to support catch up of  skills in reading, writing and maths. EEF states Programmes are likely to have the greatest impact where they meet a specific need, such as oral language skills or aspects of reading, include regular sessions maintained over a sustained period and are carefully timetabled to enable consistent delivery.  Laptops will also be used for this with carefully selected programmes. 

We will track progress and using formative assessment ensure that we are diminishing the difference caused by the lockdown to ensure children are making substantial progress. 

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